Standard Operating Procedures and Job Hazards Analysis

Standard Operating Procedures and Job Hazards Analysis

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a set of work procedures designed to complete a specific task or do a specific job in a safe manner.  The procedures are not only designed to keep the worker safe, but in many cases, to also ensure the safety, or minimize the risk of injury to either co-workers, bystanders or the public that may be in the vicinity of the specific work activity.  In most cases, these procedures were either developed following real accident investigations (and associated recommendations), or from formal Job-Site Hazard Analyses.

Some of the SOPs contain excerpts from Legislative Acts and Regulations, including the OH&S Regulations, and compliance is mandatory.  These legal requirement sections are in italics.

Please note that, while the SOPs are presented under the sub-tabs of Pulp and Paper Mills, Harvesting, Sawmills, Silviculture, Trucking and Roads, there is also a “General” category, which includes SOPs that are applicable or common to all or some of the various sectors.

We urge our members to review these SOP’S and adopt them at your place of business. If you have SOP’S that are not listed here, please forward them to us so we can share them with the rest of our membership. We want to make all our workplaces safer and better. Remember, “Safety is good business. Plain and simple”.



Safety is good business – Plain and Simple!