PRIME Employer's Refund Program

PRIME Employer's Refund Program

By now, most employers have at least heard about WHSCC’s PRIME Employer’s Refund Program.  While many companies are enjoying the benefits of this program by literally getting paid (through rebates) to have a good safety program, there are many, many employers out there that are not taking advantage of it at all.  If you are one of these, or if you are not sure that your company is taking maximum advantage, it’s time to give it a good look.

If you want to get moving on this, it’s simple… just go to WHSCC’s PRIME info page.

Or simply call one of the people listed below who will give you all the advice and information you need:

1-800-563-9000 – St. John’s
1-800-563-2772 – Corner Brook

Cavelle Hardiman – Health and Safety Advisor (Direct Line 778-1210)
Jo-Ann Woodland
 – Health and Safety Advisor (Direct Line 778-2925)
Dave Peddle – Health and Safety Advisor Forestry Sector (Direct Line 489-1637)
Kathryn Kehoe – Early and Safe Return to Work Coordinator (Direct Line 778-1215)

Safety is good business – Plain and Simple!