Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To lead the Newfoundland and Labrador forestry sector in the promotion and development of a positive, industry-wide safety culture;  to create added value for members through the identification and co-ordination of timely, cost-effective, globally recognized Occupational Health and Safety training and through the provision of Return-to-Work program advice;   to assist members in the reduction of human, social, economic and environmental loss as a result of work related injuries, illnesses and disease.

Safety is good business – Plain and Simple!

Our Vision

To be recognized as the industry  leader of Occupational Health and Safety services for the forest industry to prevent workplace injury, illness and disease, and to aid in the safe and timely return to work of injured workers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our Objectives

  • Reduce injuries and save lives
  • Develop an improved safety culture within our industry
  • Increase the level of training and safety awareness of forest industry employees
  • Promote compliance with OHS regulations and other legal requirements
  • Play a leadership role in putting safety at the forefront of our forest industry


  • Improve Industry’s Image
  • Reduce costs associated with workplace incidents
  • Reduce WorkplaceNL assessment rates
  • Improve Profits
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