Petition: Wildlife Regulations

Petition: Wildlife Regulations

We are asking you to help with a petition to amend Wildlife Regulations with respect to the discharge of a firearm. Full details of the petition can be read below.

We ask you to print, sign, scan and email the completed petition to

Reasons for the petition:

  • There are too many instances where forestry companies and workers have witnessed hunters
    discharging firearms near active forestry operations.
  • Such actions are dangerous and could lead to a serious injury and possibly a fatality.
  • The current wording in the Wildlife Regulations allows hunters to discharge a firearm if it is not within 1000 meters of a commercial wood harvesting operation, 1000 meters of a school or playground and 300 meters of a dwelling.
  • The focus on commercial wood harvesting puts some forestry-related workers in jeopardy, including those engaged in silviculture, transmission lines, forest access roads and bridge building etc.
  • The current legislation seriously limits law enforcement in their ability to protect these workers.
  •  A more all-encompassing term would be “any active workplace operation”

Safety is good business – Plain and Simple!