Safety Tips from Our Members

Safety Tips from Our Members


Contributing Member: Burton's Cove Logging and Lumber

Burton`s Cove Logging and Lumber Limited operates a sawmill and planer mill at Hampden, White Bay, producing approximately 8 million fbm annually.  This operation owned by Fred and Zeta Osmond, is the largest employer in the Hampden area with some 30 people working at both the saw mill and planer mill and 12 more in their logging operation.

The thing that strikes most visitors to this operation is the cleanliness and tidiness of their workplace…and as most of us can easily appreciate, this attribute also bodes well for safety.  Cory Osmond, Operations Supervisor for both the saw mill and planer, takes great pride in appearance of this operation.  “We have a strict schedule for cleaning our workplace.  Over the 10 hour shift period we do two cleanups – one from 12:30 – 1:00 PM and the other from 5:30 – 6:00 PM.  Also, whenever we have any mechanical or other downtime, we give the high-priority areas an extra cleaning. Of course, if we have any sort of spill, it is cleaned up immediately.”

Cory is quick to point out the importance of tidiness, “In our opinion, keeping things clean, neat and tidy is a good safety practice as we significantly reduce the possibility of slips, trips and falls.  It also makes for a much better work environment, and our employees play a huge part in keeping things clean and in order.  It is certainly part of our culture here at Burton`s Cove Logging and Lumber.”


Safety is good business – Plain and Simple!